June 9, 2021

Letter from the Chairman

Dear Colleague:

The BDUG Steering Committee has made the decision to cancel our annual conference again this fall. Whether it would be possible to have a robust gathering this September is still uncertain as of this date, and the hotel readily obliged moving our commitment to a future year.

BDUG’s mission of being a valuable information source for our members continues this year with Best Practices calls, DTC webinars, and Exhibitor presentations. Membership renewals are looking very healthy so far, so we expect good participation in our virtual events.

If you have not already completed your 2021 renewal, please have your registration form to Danny Welsh by June 30th . (dwelsh@pnc.com).

We look forward to speaking to you at one of the online events this year and seeing you in September 2022 at The Hyatt Grand Resort in Clearwater Beach Florida.

Matt Leach and Pete Bergman
2021 BDUG Co-Chairs