March 24, 2020

Letter from the Chairman

Dear Colleague:

The COVID 19 National Emergency has suddenly and profoundly changed our industry. All member banks and other industry participants are deploying Business Continuity Plans to ensure the safety of workers while still carrying out the vital functions we have to help keep our economy functioning.

In the coming weeks, and possibly months, the BDUG Steering Committee will be solely focused on how we best operate during this time of rapid change and potential disruptions. BDUG members should look to the groupsite for industry papers, questions from our members, and Best Practice call announcements.

The committee is also working with the Hyatt in Clearwater Beach to ensure our conference in September can continue as scheduled. The health and safety of our members, exhibitors, DTCC personnel, as well as hotel staff are of top priority. No changes are anticipated at this time, and the steering committee will keep the membership updated should there be a change in plans.

The mission of BDUG has always been to increase the information flow among our members and DTCC. That mission is now more important than at any time in recent years.

Pete Bergman
BDUG Chairperson