June 2, 2016

Letter from the Chairman

Dear Colleague:

On behalf of the BDUG Steering Committee, I invite you to attend the BDUG Annual Meeting in Clearwater, Florida at the Hyatt Resort, starting the evening of September 25 through September 28th, 2016. The BDUG Steering Committee has been working diligently with DTCC and industry partners to stay on top of the many changes in our industry as well the impacts to our organizations.

It is becoming more and more apparent that it is critical that member banks stay engaged and the BDUG annual meeting is the perfect format to stay informed and to network. Now more than ever it is imperative that we continue to share ideas, lessons learned and innovations with each other in order to navigate through this ever changing industry.  The meeting format for this year incorporates the use of general sessions to exchange ideas with your colleagues and industry experts.

We will have a keynote speaker from DTCC as well as a number of representatives in attendance to update you on key DTCC initiatives, products and services as well as participating in industry panels. Many of DTCC’s representatives are located in their Tampa office which allows them to rotate attendance and allows more of DTCC’s staff to attend.  I encourage each of you to take this opportunity to interact with the many representatives from DTCC.

Please find below some of the topics for this year’s meeting.

  • Block chain technology
  • US and international regulatory changes
  • OCC Regulatory Update
  • Federal Reserve Update
  • T+2 update
  • Corporate Actions Update

In order to allow attendees to collaborate with industry colleagues and meet new colleagues, the Steering Committee is hosting an Opening Reception.  In addition to the Opening Reception and meeting sessions, we invite you to participate in a “Town Hall” meeting for member bank attendees.  This is your opportunity to provide input to the Steering Committee.

I would like to thank all of our exhibiting partners who support us each year. Without their meaningful and on-going support of the BDUG organization, we would not be able to attract the speakers or provide the high quality events that we do.

Please note that all attendees should make their own reservation with the hotel as soon as possible but no later than August 31, 2015. Reservation information has been included in this package.

In closing, I encourage you and your fellow associates to take advantage of an outstanding opportunity to stay current on DTCC and industry initiatives. The meeting sessions are also an opportunity for CSOP members to earn continuing education credit hours to maintain certification.

I look forward to seeing you in Clearwater Beach and thank you for your continued support of BDUG.

Mike Reardon
BDUG Chairperson